Chiropractic treatment for headachesIn our stressful modern day, headaches are so common that many people simply carry headache pain relief pills on them and tolerate the reduced pain on an ongoing basis. But it does not necessarily have to be this way.

The many causes of headaches include trauma injuries from sports and accidents, emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies and chemical toxins. The migraine type of headache leads to extreme pain which is often so unbearable that the patient needs to lie down to seek some form of relief.

There are many different parts of the head and neck which may be responsible for causing the pain of a headache and the different types of pain that they produce. Brain tissue itself cannot feel pain but the membranes surrounding the brain and the arteries passing through the brain may be sources of pain. Likewise, the bones of the skull cannot feel pain but they are covered by a thin skin which is sensitive to pain when stretched or inflamed.

There are air-filled spaces within the skull bones, including the sinuses of the respiratory tract, and any sudden or extreme changes in air pressure inside these spaces will result in headache pain.

Scalp muscles cover the scull at the forehead and temples. Like other muscles, they can experience severe pain and discomfort if stretched or inflamed.

At your initial examination, our chiropractors in Applecross will attempt to identify the originating cause and will determine whether or not chiropractic health care is the best alternative treatment for your chronic headaches. The treatment may well be a combination of nutritional and lifestyle changes to supplement chiropractic adjustments.

In most cases, early intervention may result in a speedy recovery. But with more chronic headaches, additional treatments are necessary with the benefits being achieved in the long run. The frequency and intensity of headaches will usually decrease or disappear altogether as the neck subluxation heals and the surrounding tissues become healthier.

If you are experiencing headaches, don’t automatically reach for the Aspirin bottle. Reach for the phone and contact your Applecross chiropractor. You will receive better, safer relief and have less chance of a recurrence of your headache.