Chiropractic treatment for lower back painThe most common complaint referred to chiropractors is that of lower back pain. There are 24 separate vertebrae in the human spine and any one of these can cause a painful problem.

The spinal column is required to support the weight of the upper half of body and people typically place undue pressure on it by not standing, sitting, lying down or lifting objects properly. Being overweight also puts unnecessary strain on the lower back.

Many muscles in the lower back are connected to the spine and any misalignment with the spinal column will place unnecessary strain on them which may result in pain. The aim should be to maintain correct posture and lifting habits so that the natural curve of the back is preserved. This allows the lungs to expand properly, allows the body’s natural healing powers to function efficiently and prevents lower back pain problems occurring.

Our chiropractors recognise that the human body has built-in healing powers intended to restore the lower back to a good state of health after an injury which results in pain. However, the healing power often requires additional assistance to correct spinal dysfunction and to speed up the recovery. That is where the Applecross Chiropractic Centre comes in.

Through chiropractic manipulations, the spinal adjustment can restore proper nerve and joint function, seeking to optimize the interaction between the spine and nervous systems, thereby allowing your overall health to recuperate.

Where problems do occur with lower back pain, your chiropractor at the Applecross Chiropractic Centre is the person to see to rectify the problem.