Chiropractic treatment for sciaticaSciatica is a syndrome causing radiating pain from the back, through the buttock and down the back of the leg. The actual diagnosis means that the sciatic nerve is “pinched” at the nerve root specifically due to a spinal condition. It may be caused by disc degeneration, disc herniation, joint dysfunction, inflammation or a prolapsed intervertabral disc.

The altered alignment of the disc can usually be resolved by manual chiropractic thrust procedures. Once the disc is back in its correct position, the bodies natural healing powers will ensure that the surrounding nerves, muscles, ligaments, vascular and connective tissues will heal themselves.

Whilst most patients are concerned with instant pain relief, the chiropractor’s focus is generally on identifying the cause of the sciatic nerve problem and providing ongoing pain relief. This can be achieved through improving the communication between the different central and peripheral areas of the body so that the patient’s body heals itself. Some results may be very rapid but others may need time to take effect.

The cause of your sciatica pain is important because it dictates how it should be treated. As with any other issue, our practitioners at the Applecross Chiropractic Centre will need to take a patient’s history before recommending a treatment regime for sciatica.