Chiropractic treatment for slipped discsThe term slipped disc is misleading since it is not the disc that has slipped. Rather, the intervertebral disc in the spine has acquired a bulge at some point which is pushing on the spinal cord. It would be more accurate to describe the problem as a prolapsed disc.

The causes are many and include bad walking and standing posture, bad lifting technique, a general lack of fitness which leads to flabby and weak muscles, an unnatural sleeping position caused by a bed which is too soft, and a lack of back support when sitting. All of these issues can be fixed.

The problem is usually noticed as pain in the lower back area. Pressure on adjacent nerves that run down to the legs may create sciatica – that is pain which spreads down the back of the leg.

Chiropractic manipulation has proven to be very successful in remedying slipped (prolapsed) disc problems.