Chiropractic treatment for subluxationA subluxation is generally referred to as a misalignment of any bone. However, a chiropractor recognises that a subluxation may be any misalignment within the area of the spine which breaks the nerve communication flow between the brain and the body. It results in a break in the body’s nervous system.

A subluxation is usually the result of an accidental trauma to the spine caused by a blow, a fall or a repeated abnormal biomechanical movement over time. A misalignment of the vertebrae may or may not be visible when the trauma occurs, but a change or reduction in the range of motion in that particular vertebrae will almost always be noticeable.

Other symptoms include pain in or around the area affected, stiffness, a reduced ability to turn the head to one side and general soreness in the back.

But it doesn’t end there. In addition to a misalignment of bone which the trauma or injury may cause, the subluxation may also create damage to the soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae – In other words the muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. These are called connective tissues.

When the connective tissue swells, the combination of misalignment and localized tissue damage may generate a restricted and abnormal range of motion in ways the joint was not designed to operate.

A chiropractic adjustment addresses the subluxation rather than the symptoms and this, in turn, allows the body to activate its self-healing mechanisms.

With the impediment removed, healing happens at its normal, natural and most effective pace.