Chiropractic treatment for babies, kids and toddlersDuring childbirth the attending doctor or midwife will often use the baby’s head to turn the baby’s body, basically using the head as a lever to pull the baby out. Where there are problems, the doctor/midwife may use forceps, suction cups or other device to extract the baby. Whilst these measures are probably necessary at times they can certainly cause great trauma to the baby’s neck and spine.

Fortunately, baby’s bones are supple and heal extremely quickly so correcting subluxations (spinal misalignments) is easy. It is good for new mums to take their babies in to see a chiropractor within the first weeks of birth – the sooner the better. Where mum has received regular chiropractic care during her pregnancy, there is a good chance that baby will have no subluxations at all. If there is a small amount of tension in the neck this can easily be relieved with a gentle pressure and stretching.

There is a well-known saying in chiropractic that “As the twig is bent – so grows the tree”. In the same way that it’s far easier to bend a twig rather than a full-grown tree trunk, it’s easier to make small adjustments to a child’s spine and joints that will help correct misalignments and hence help children to grow in the way that nature intended. Of course, the sooner that a problem is addressed, the sooner healing can begin.

Toddlers generally don’t need a lot of care even though they tend to experience many bumps and bruises as they grow up. They fall out of trees, they fall off bicycles, they trip over things, they bump into many things and so on – all in the normal process of living and growing up in a dynamic world. Luckily, their bodies are regenerating at such a rapid pace that minor injuries like these are not a problem. However, sometimes the damage is such that even the cumulative effect of minor traumas over time can create long-term problems.

Regular adjustments will not only rehabilitate any consequences of the usual bumps and bruises, but they will also create a pattern of health that toddler’s bodies can follow for the rest of their lives. Moreover, the care teaches toddlers that their body can heal itself from within and that they don’t need drugs to treat every ache and pain.

On many occasions, your chiropractor is able to diagnose problems which the child is clearly unable to articulate and which the parent has been unaware of. For this reason, babies and toddlers should attend a chiropractor at an early age – even before symptoms become obvious.